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New Year, New Goals!

A very warm welcome to you and thank you for joining me in my blog. I've been meaning to do one of these for ages but when it comes to writing, it just seems to be one of those things that constantly get dropped to the bottom of my to do list, but no more!

2021 - you are my year for mastering the blog!

2020 was a challenge for all of us, I'm not going to hide it - I crumbled into a heap of despair time and time again, constantly picking myself up and dusting off - only to be hit with yet more changes and uncertainties - and to crumble again. Yes, there were many, many days and sleepless nights spent soul searching, wondering if I could hang on, wondering if there was any point? wondering what the future would hold, but I pulled in all the positive strength I could and like the rest of the world, got through it with a bit of hope in my heart, telling myself that 2021 would see better days.

I'm grateful for the down time I had in 2020. I'd actually been working flat out for too long and desperately needed a break. I just couldn't seem to catch my breath long enough to take one, so the forced slower pace, despite its worry had a bit of a silver lining.

As 2021 starts with another lockdown looming over us, I'm no longer panicking. Of course there are still worries, but I'm now in a stronger place. I've had time to consider if I am on the right path and I've come out of it more sure than ever. Things will get better, normality will resume and while we wait I'm going to do what I do, keep creating, keep positive and keep on shining my light!

I'm so glad to have found my inner strength and captured my mojo again. I have so many wonderful plans for 2021 and lots of exciting new creations to bring to you. I want to make them all at once! I'm excited that my blog will offer the opportunity to share the process too.

2020 was a challenge but reminded me of so many life lessons. It is ok to slow down, Everyone has off days, it is so important to be kind to yourself - especially when you don't feel like it, cherish family and friends, appreciate all the little things and let go of what you can't control. If 2020 taught me anything it's that life is far too short to be anything but happy!

Make sure to follow along on social media where you can catch previews of the new creations in progress and sign up to my newsletter to be updated on the latest blogs dedicated to all the fun and behind the scenes ramblings of a creative mind.

Thanks for reading :-)

Stay safe, stay strong, stay positive and stay happy!

Deborah xx

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