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Shaping Clay

Creative Gallery - Progress Shots

Thanks for your interest in my work. I love designing and working with clay, all of my products are designed and created inhouse.  Each item is designed, created, painted, glazed, printed or finished and then finally photographed before being uploaded to our site for you to buy.


There are many steps in the process and no two days are ever the same, which makes for a lovely balance. Here I have collated some images of my ceramics and designs during the creative process and some after production and during the photography stages. I hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of the process. For all the latest and to see more follow my Instagram page

Untitled design (5).png
Scottish Brooches.JPG
Wee Scottish Fairies WIP Pic.jpg
Thistle Mugs WIP Pic.jpg
Rustic Range Brooch.jpg
intuitive nubby pots.jpg
Angus Highland Cow Ceramic Keepsakes.jpg
Parliamentry reception 2019.jpg
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