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Selling In Shops

Ready to move into selling your handmade products to shops. This is the place for you. I've been busy putting what I have learned in my biz into fully guided e-courses and have created a series blogs for sharing hints, tips and advice to remove the guess work and help you make your amazing new adventure a wonderful success.

Selling your work in shops is an amazing leap for handmade businesses and super exciting.

The thrill of knowing your work is stocked in multiple locations never leaves you and with each stockist you gain it just grows and grows. 

Not only does it feel great, but selling to shops means you will have a steady flow of orders throughout the year and be able to forecast your income well in advance. 

No more endless 'showing up' or content and marketing scheduling on social media, setting up at multiple craft fairs or mindboggling uncertainty with Etsy tags to be seen. 

Nope, wave goodbye to all of that time consuming nonsense. 

You're moving into the territory of being sought after, your customers will be coming to you again and again, season after season, year on year! 

The even bigger bonus... once you nail this, new stockists come  looking for you! 

Sound too good? Well get ready for the big reveal....    It is all within your reach!

I've been successfully selling my handmade products in shops since 2017 and gained a portfolio of nearly 100 wonderful giftshops and galleries. I'm here to teach you everything you need to know to get off to a flying start and guide you through this amazing journey. 

It doesn't come like magic though, there is work to be done - but if you are willing to put in the effort - (and it's all good stuff) you will reap the rewards! 

My New E-Course

'Sell Your Handmade Products In Shops'

has just launched!

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What's included?

Well I'm glad you asked!

It has 65 pages jam packed full of all of the magic to save you wasting time and energy wondering if you have got it right. I've drawn from the skills and knowledge, trials, wins and successes I've gained from running my own wholesale business and encapsulated it into this amazing e-course, with an additional guided course workbook, an Excel workbook with tutorials, editable line sheet templates, sample pitches and lots of bonus extras! 

I've set out the subjects in a bit more detail below.

Selling Options

Walks you through the different ways to sell to shops so you can work out which is best for you. 

Get Your Costing Right

Takes a deep dive into costing and pricing your products using my costing analysis work book - showing you how to calculate a cost price, wholesale price and retail price that ensures you retain a decent wage and profi.t

All The Important Things

Guides you through working out your policies - so you can set clear minimum order values, lead times and shipping/carriage paid terms.

Pitching Focus

Sets you up for successful promotion of all of your hard work - so you can get your products seen and start building your own ideal stockists portfolio. 

What's Expected Of You

Gives you a heads up on what shops expect - so you can make sure you hit the ground running.

Shop Ready Review

Guides you through a review of your products - to check they are shop ready.

Money Matters

Explains the different methods for getting paid - so you can work out which is best for you.

Guided Coursework

Guided task based workbook to help you easily work through the course in small manageable steps.

Who Are Your Customers

Helps you identify who and where your ideal customers are.

Working Out Capacity

Guides you through analysing your capacity - so you can avoid overwhelm when managing your new workload.

Marketing Yourself

Guides you through the best methods to market and pitch to your ideal stockists - covering line sheets, brochures, trade shows and websites, with examples, insider info and ready made templates.

Golden Nugget Downloads

Bonus downloads including the method I use in my Excel workbook for thorough costing and pricing analysis.

- and just because I know they will be useful, there are some bonus freebie resources too


including a daily planner, seasonal lead time planner, inventory sheet and a pitching log sheet!

For a limited time you can get all the goodness for the amazing early bird


offer price of just    £49!

 (Normally £89 - limited spaces available at offer price until 14th June or sold out)


If your ready to give up the endless googling with late nights searching in the dark for answers and instead, journey into the amazing world of selling your products in shops, armed with all the tools for success all in once place,


then grab it here!

And ............... as a final bonus offering for early birds,

catch my launch offer before the 14th June 2021 and not only will you get all of this golden


goodness, I'm also throwing in access to a free preparation challenge to use alongside the course,


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I'll look forward to seeing you in there! 

Sending all the positive motivation and smiles, 

You can do this! Love, Deborah xxx