The Harmony Collection features a range of beautiful brooches full of sentiment, gratitude and spiritual meaning and is created in colours relating to health, mindfulness and wellbeing. Deborah’s own customised glaze recipes have been created to produce the beautifully unique and captivating colourings. Available in the form of Symphony Birds, Embrace Hearts and Prosperity Village, this very special collection is perfect for gifting or for a little selflove.


Finished with brooch pin to back

Approx size 4.5 cm x 3cm

Loyalty Symphony Bird Brooch

  • Please note: The image shown is my stock photo. The item you will receive will be made to order. Each piece is made using the same design but the handmade nature of this means there may be subtle variations. Freehand doodle and sketch designs such as the Enigma Range and Garden of Eden Range will vary in design with each piece created.

    The handmade nature of my work means there may be slight imperfections. These are viewed as creative imperfections and embraced as part of the finished design.

    Each piece is made to the same high quality and is beautifully unique.